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Ruast (RunAs Taskbar) is a open source windows software to make your admin-tools easier to organize!
If you run Ruast (RunAs Taskbar) as Administrator you will have all programs you are created in a tool automatically with administrative rights.

What is new?

Version  1 . 8 . 0 . 2
- RunAs Taskbar is now only Ruast
- Add new icon/logo
- Add Border Thickness
- Add change screen
- Add change position on screen
- Add support unc path
- Add copy files from explorer and paste to Ruast only for Run
- Add copy files from explorer and type (r) to Paste only for Run
- Add one click on notify icon to hide Ruast
- Add double click on notify icon to open Ruast
- Bug fixes

Version  1 . 7 . 0 . 1
- Add user information
- Add change position with drag and drop
- Add drag files from explorer and drop to RunAs Taskbar
- Add copy files from explorer and paste to RunAs Taskbar
- Bug fixes

Version  1 . 6 . 9 . 1
- Add color picker for Window and Border color
- Add icons is now extractable from .exe  .dll and .ico
- Add type (s) to show the settings xml-file
- Transparency is now in percent
- Add restore default settings
- Minor bug fixes